Shuttle Machine Molds

Heise designs and manufactures a variety of molds for Shuttle Machines. Considered the most versatile machine platform, it is primarily used to manufacture small to medium size containers for Household Consumer Goods, Personal Care and Automotive containers. Some of the machines we build molds for:

  • Fong Kee International Machinery Co. Ltd.
  • Kautex Maschinenbau
  • Bekum Machinenfabrik
  • SMC Corporation
  • Sika Machinery
  • Techne Simoparma Packaging Italia Srl.
  • Akei Holdings Company
  • R&B Machinery
  • Uniloy
  • Magic MP spa
  • Multipack Plas
  • Automa
  • Comec
  • Sig
  • Hesta
  • Sabmann Blasformtechnik
  • JHB Machinery
  • Suzhou Tongda Machinery Co. Ltd.

How it Works: What differentiates a Shuttle Machine from other platforms is its smaller footprint, the shorter length of stroke and, typically, the directional movement of the carriage, or platen. The mold halves are mounted on a mobile carriage which is synchronized to "shuttle" the molds laterally, or angularly, to the parison extruding position. The mold halves close and pinch the parison at the bottom end and, sometimes, the top end as well. Then the clamp carriage moves laterally or angularly to a blowing position. The blow pin, or air source, is inserted into the parison and the product is blown, cooled and removed from the machine. Shuttle Machines can have a single clamp carriage or a double clamp carriage. With a double clamp carriage, the molds will move alternatively from dual blowing stations to a central extruding position.

Shuttle Machines have a continuous extrusion process and the head of the machine will oscillate up and down or “bob” to provide enough clearance for the parison at the end of each molding cycle. It is widely used because of the great variety of blown products that can be manufactured typically in the size range of a few ounces to 5 gallons. Since these machines are smaller in size, the molds are smaller with less cavitation and will produce smaller bottle volumes compared to a Long Stroke Machine or Wheel Machine.

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