Quick Change Blow Molds

Heise designs and manufactures Quick Change Molds and Quick Change Blow Pins for various Shuttle Machines. The molds are used for small to medium size containers like Household Consumer Goods, Personal Care and Automotive containers. 

How it Works: Quick Change Molds were developed by Heise in 2002 under United States Patent Number 6,338,188 B1. The design is most advantageous for converters who have frequent mold changeovers and want to save time. A quick release locking device is provided for each mold unit along with a unitary standard water manifold and detabber assembly. The unitary standard assembly is provided as a one-piece component with fluid connections for the water manifold and detabber. The parts remain conveniently attached without being disconnected during detachment and changeover of a mold assembly. 

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