Accumulator Head Molds

Heise designs and manufactures a variety of molds for Accumulator Head Machines. These machines are primarily used for the manufacture of larger industrial containers like Jerry Cans, Drums, various Tanks and even Recreational Equipment. At Heise, we have built molds for containers up to 50 Liter. Some of the machines we build molds for:

  • Fong Kee International Machinery Co. Ltd.
  • Kautex Maschinenbau
  • Bekum Machinenfabrik
  • R&B Machinery
  • Sika Machinery
  • Uniloy
  • Sterling
  • John Huah

How it Works: One or more accumulating chambers are intermittently filled with melted resin material by an extruder and the material is rapidly forced from the chamber by a ram in parison form. The parison is extruded out of the head on the machine to the required length and, at that point, the two mold halves are closed on the parison. While the container is being blown to the shape of the cavity in the mold and cooled, the accumulator chamber is filled again for the next molding cycle. What is unique to these machine platforms is that the blow pin, or air source, can be located in the top of the machine, in the bottom of the machine or on the mold through a needle blow application. 

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