Article Design

Article design can be a challenging process. One of Heise’s core competencies includes developing new or modifying existing 3D bottle files. Based on the scope of work, we can develop a new bottle file and have a prototype article in our customer’s hands in less than a week. We use laser scanning to reverse engineer any cavity surface and we use specific methods of 3D printing to create prototype articles.

In-House Mold Sampling

Heise offers a wide range of sampling options for anything up to 3 layer containers and for container sizes 50 ML up to 5 Liter. We utilize our lab machine for quick lead time prototype molds, bottle qualifications as well as research and development. Currently we have several partnerships with local universities for ongoing work to develop software and metrics to assist in cycle time analysis and heat sensor adjustments to compliment any PLC control system.

2003 Hesta-Graham HG/HGL 360

  • Heise purchased in 2003
  • Mold Stroke: 360mm
  • Max Mold Width: 360mm
  • Max Mold Height: 400mm
  • Above Platen: 40mm
  • Clamp force: 90 kN
  • Daylight between platens: 500mm
  • Fully Hydraulic Machine
  • HDPE single layer machine preparation
  • 64 points parison programmer by special electro-hydraulic amplifier
  • Grooved extruder 60mm Dia. / 22 D
  • PE screw 60mm Dia. / 22D
  • PLC control system PROMODUL-U with flat screen for all machine operations
  • Machine preparation up to 3-fold extrusion
  • Blow head equipment for linear mold stoke 435mm with blow pin accommodation
  • Transport system – transfer by holding mandrels
  • Article discharge via lateral chute
  • Parison pinch off device with pre-blowing control

In-House Spin Trimming

To complement our lab machine, Heise also has spin trimming capabilities in house to support any development for widemouth containers.

2021 MTM 720 Vertical Spin Trimmer

  • Heise purchased in 2021
  • Right to Left Container Flow
  • 30” Blade Assembly
  • Digital Heater Control and Display
  • Slide Nut Belt Adjustment
  • Safety Shield
  • Manual Adjustment Belt Speed
  • Slide Blade Depth Adjustment
  • Standard “V” Belt A Section Drive System
  • 1/8 HP Drive Motor
  • Manual Jam Opening
  • MTM Pulley Dome System

3D Printing

Heise believes 3D printing serves a very important and specific function to compliment the product we produce. We utilize various machine platforms for mold components, machining fixtures, as well as research and development for optimal mold cooling designs.

Load Cell Support

To assist in the troubleshooting process, Heise offers load cell services to verify optimum alignment and accuracy on any blow mold machine platform. Clamp tonnage or force can decline overtime and, if needed, we can test a machine to make sure a certain project is achievable. Each Heise location has a load cell in house to assist customers or we can built new upon request.

Laser Welding

To assist in any mold refurbishment process, Heise operates mobile laser welding units to address any damaged part. Each Heise location has the capability in house to laser weld a variety of mold materials. This process provides a better long term result to extend the life of any mold. Lead times are shorter and parts are able to maintain their original hardness and strength compared to other welding processes.

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