Blow Molds for Plastics
Blow Molding for Plastic

Blow Mold Products

Heise Industries Inc. complies with the highest quality standards and we have proven to be reliable mold suppliers for the following industries:

Consumer Packaging
     Food and Beverage
     Household Chemicals
     Hygenic Products

Automotive Components
     Automobile Drive Axel Boots
     Head Rest Components
     Coolant Overflow Tanks
     Windshield Washer Tanks
     Motor Oil for Home Maintenance Machinery
     Fuel Containers for Home Maintenance Machinery
     Car Care Products

Blow Mold ManufacturerPersonal Care Products
     Shampoo & Conditioner
     Mouth Wash
     Body Wash

Medical Industry
     Collapsible Waste Containers
     Pill Containers
     Intravenous (IV) Graduated Bags

Industrial Applications
     Department of Transportation Containers
     Copier Toner Tanks


Some of Our Blow Molds

Blow Mold Manufacturer

  • Extrusion Blow Molds
  • Injection Stretch Blow
  • Long Stroke Blow Molds
  • PET Blow Molds
  • Prototype Blow Molds
  • Quick Change Blow Molds
  • Shuttle Blow Molds
  • Wheel Blow Molds