Blow Molds for Plastics
Blow Mold Sample

Mold Sampling

Blow Mold ManufacturerAt Heise Industries, Inc. we are committed to meeting all your expectations by providing the entire package which includes offering in-house blow mold sampling at the Connecticut Corporate Office. The facility is equipped with a single sided continuous extrusion blow molding machine and all related auxiliary equipment. Our team of inspectors will sample any mold and make sure every dimension and measurement meet our customer’s expectations.

Equipment List

  • Hesta HG-360 with in-machine trim & transfer station
  • Three Layer Capabilities
  • Extruder: 80/24:1 @ 270 lbs per hour
  • Heise “Quick Change Mold System” (U.S. Patent # 6,338,188 B1)
  • 25 HP Rotogran 14x18 Granulator with blower/cyclone Blow Mold Manufacturer
  • 5 Ton Chiller
  • Hot Knife system
  • Pre-Pinch Knife System
  • Vacuum Loader
  • Leak Detection
  • Auxiliary Equipment - Spin Trimmer
  • Clean Room Enclosure