Blow Molds for Plastics
Blow Molding Manufacturer

Manufacturing of molds for the plastics industry

Heise Industries, Inc. has invested heavily in building a team of experienced and skilled mold makers with access to sophisticated computer controlled machining centers. Our fully integrated computerized manufacturing system handles scheduling, routing, material and labor reporting and database management. In our three manufacturing plants, we offer full service mold refurbishing and repair shops. In most cases, we offer 24 hour turnaround for emergency mold repairs including pinch-off repairs, pin and bushing replacement and general refurbishment. Heise handles mold reworks and mold modifications including shuttle molds, reciprocating screw, and wheel molds all on an expedient nature.

Our team of machinists inspects mold components as they proceed through our processes and a vigorous improvement program to insure our goal of customer satisfaction. Our Inspection Department is well equipped with fully automated coordinate measuring machines, vision inspection, optical comparators, custom gauges and an array of instruments to insure complete and accurate inspections. Each mold we manufacture undergoes a high pressure leak test and water flow rate evaluation to assure that it meets design standards.

Blow Mold Manufacturer6 Points of Quality

  • Dimensional: Dimensions are met and tolerances held
  • Capacity: Fill height and overflow capacity checked
  • Flow Rate: All water circuits checked to match pre-engineered flow rates
  • Thermal: Temperatures sensing is used to verify even cooling
  • Fit & Finish: Everything is clean and polished. Quality in the details
  • Custom Requirements: Your mold manufactured to your specifications