Blow Molds for Plastics

Engineering Design

Heise Industries, Inc. offers a complete solution to extrusion blow mold design and development in our Engineering Department. Our team of experienced designers and programmers provide complete in-house engineering with state of the art computers and software in a fully integrated environment. All of our molds are designed to run at the fastest feasible cycles and manufacturing processes to offer you an excellent product. Our engineers and programmers will 3-D Surface Model any shape container and generate the CNC tool path from the 3-D model. Our engineers will work in close collaboration with your product developers and we will offer our expertise early in the design phases, if necessary, to find a solution for your blow molding needs.

Blow Mold ManufacturerBottle or Part Size Range

  • As small as 1oz. bottles – 13cc up to 5 Liter
  • Handle Bottles
  • Simple rounds with calibrated necks
  • Wide Mouth Rounds requiring secondary trimming
  • As large as 20 Liter Handle Bottles
  • Technical parts up to 1,020 grams in weight


Heise Industries, Inc. is proud to offer the patented Quick Change Mold System (Patent Number: US 6,338,188 B1). The Quick Change Mold System was developed in response to our customers demand for agile manufacturing. It helps respond to customers rapidly changing requirements and its competitive advantage is to provide the ability to instantly install any mold into any machine.

  • Drastically reduces mold change time.
  • Lighter mold components; reduces setup and personal fatigue
  • Lower mold costs.
  • Fewer components per mold set. Improves long term durability
  • Standardized water manifold and tail puller. Interchangeable between mold sets.
  • Single tool required for mold replacement.
  • Benchmark Heise mold performance and durability!
  • Advanced Cooling System. Designed for superior cooling, compared to regular molds.